Installing GoogPress takes two minutes

Simply click the button and follow the instructions below

Let's Rock

The button should've taken you to a Google login screen.

Log in, authorise the stuff it asks for and you should see something that looks a bit like the above image.

If not, we've probably screwed up - you should probably pen us an email at [email protected] .

However, if everything did go to plan you should now type your Google email into the box and hit 'Install'. The installation process should take a minute tops. If not, something has gone catastrophically wrong and you should probably also consider taking the actions described above.

If the installation was successful, you should now see a "Hooray" screen. Now follow the instructions on that to get started.

Appendix the First:

What am I authorising???

Access to Google Drive

The installer needs to access your Google Drive so that it can copy some files over to it.

Access to Google Docs

The installer will create a sample post (which is a Google Doc).

Connect to an External Service

The installer will need to contact our Drive in order to copy over some files. For some reason this counts as an "external service".

Appendix the Second:

Can I have more than one GoogPress installation???


This is less of us being mean than us being stupid. We haven't really figured out how to allow this. We have ideas but they're just ideas. And yes, it is an issue .