Create Websites from the Comfort of Google Docs

GoogPress allows you to create web content using the tools you're familiar with at speed.
Leverage the power of Google Docs and create content from anywhere at any time with anyone.
Your site is automatically updated whenever you make changes so your readers can always keep up with what you have to say.


Host as many posts as Google will store. Hint: That's as many as you want.


No databases, no injection. Secured by your Google account.

Server-Side Processing

Google's servers handle the entire conversion and content delivery process.

Automatic Updates

Just made changes to your Google Doc? Users will see it the next time they visit your site.


Collaborating on your site is as easy as collaborating on a Google Doc. Work on content anywhere, anytime with as many people as you like.

Highly Versatile

Create blog feeds, single pages or random snippets to stick on your site.

Our Story

Once upon a time ( days ago) there were two "developers", Peter and Stewart. They had just taken over the production team for the Young Scientists' Journal and were tasked with "making the website great [work] again". After a survey of the site's contributors, it turned out that people don't like hardly-working XML-based editors (Wordpress Annotum). Thus, with the team being so broke that they couldn't really afford anything that costed money, GoogPress was born.

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